"Movement is my first language."

Jennelle LeMoine shines her light to everyone that she meets.  She loves to connect with others and to feel what they are passionate about.  Her biggest passion in life is dancing, moving, and assisting others in empowering themselves through movement on multiple levels.  Jennelle is a Movement Master and has been training for over 20 years in multiple movement styles.  Some movement styles that she has trained in are: Ballet, Tap Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Pop & Lock, Contact Improv, House, Broadway, Belly Dancing, Musical Theatre, and African.  She is a World Silver Medalist in Tap Dancing, was in the Top 40 of Laurieann Gibson's dance reality television show 'Born To Dance,' and has received scholarships from dance convention 'The PULSE on Tour' to further her training.  She has performed with artists all over the world, including Phaeleh, Chris Berry, Stylust Beats, and Artist Dream Family.  Jennelle was a part of Gigi Torres' 'Establish Your Empire' Boston Vol 1 training program, and was a part of a Michael Jackson tribute piece choreographed by Misha Gabriel.  She assisted and performed African Dance in Chris Berry's Bana Kuma Camp with the headlining performance on the Big Island at Flow Fest 2016.  Jennelle started training at the age of four and doesn't plan to stop.  She fell in love with Tap right away, and developed an instant love for Hip-Hop and Contemporary after beginning training with Alison and Teddy Forance in her early teens.  Through her never-ending drive, Jennelle has traveled the world to develop and strengthen her craft.  


Jennelle has completely changed her life and her health through following her instincts to live in line with nature.  Jennelle suffered from Chronic Migraines, Endometriosis, and effects from Salmonella poisoning for six years until she took her health into her own hands.  Through researching, she found Raw Veganism and Natural Hygiene.  In 2013, Jennelle completed a 25-Day Water Fast.  After consuming only water for this time period, her body healed all of her pre-existing health conditions.  For over three years, Jennelle has been working with a plant-based lifestyle.  Her health has completely changed and she loves to inspire others to consume more vibrant and living foods.  She inspires thousands of people daily on social media with her PHOTOGRAPHY of the beautiful gifts of nature.  Jennelle created and self-published a Raw Food Recipe eBook 'Be Fruitful' in 2014 through loving to create and share simple yet decadent recipes with others. 


   From this new chapter in her life, she has developed a love for traveling. She moved to the Big Island of Hawai'i from Massachusetts with two backpacks and the pursuit of giving her gift to the world. She has gone to Retreats, Training Programs, and Festivals all over the world and has created her unique movement methods through assisting others with Emotional, Physical, and Mental Health.  Through remembering how to access her infinite power within through movement, Jennelle created Empower Motion. Jennelle believes that movement allows for people to embrace every experience within their life, embody every emotion, and to explore their own body. Jennelle has guided clients from all over the globe to feel their infinite potential and power to create the life that they want to live.

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