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People from all over the world are feeling their power!

Quebec.  New Zealand.  Russia.  Texas.  Switzerland.  Peru.  New York.  

Shanghai.  Arizona.  Australia.  Lebanon.  Hawaii.  Columbia.  Philadelphia.  England.

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some Empowered individuals!

David, 46

"You will be amazed on how relieved and how good you feel."

Theresa, 25

"I felt hugely empowered, during and after the class."

Yovana, 26

"This class made a huge difference, honestly in my life!"

Gale, 58

"Wow, this would be great for people in my line of [Corporate] work."

Jesse, 21

"I left with a renewed inspiration to pursue my dreams."

Alison, 38

"I realized that I was more powerful than I thought I was."

Marco, 25

"I was moving in ways that I've never moved before in my life."

Victoria, 25

"This is a really important practice to share with dancers."

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Transcribed Testimonials
Experience.  Embody.  Embrace

Russ Russo, New Jersey, 18
     In the beginning I went into it with an open heart, and an open mind, to feel everything and really experience it. I had a little bit of doubt because I didn’t know how much I was going to actually feel. The more I continued, the more I really closed my eyes and envisioned what Jennelle was saying, the more it became real. I felt myself move. I felt myself not just moving for the sake of moving with everyone else but, moving for the sake of actually being part of it, and being one. I was actually imagining becoming that. I was kind of trembling a little bit and, it was just a great release. I didn’t expect that. It just completely made me feel really relaxed. I didn’t want to move at the end.
     I for sure felt empowered. I felt like I could take on the world again. Earlier in the day, before I had done this class, I was actually feeling a lot of self-doubt and a lot of criticism towards myself. After the class I totally just felt like, “I’m the best, and I can do everything.”
     I think it’s especially a great practice for anybody who is in any way artistic because it just, in my brain, I created this whole mental picture, and this whole world, but for anybody I feel like it’s even a great way just to get into thinking more and becoming more in tune with your thoughts and who you are, and what you want to be. It helped me see my future a little bit better.

Tim Brogan, Connecticut, 25
     I think everything came up and that’s what’s brilliant about it because it was all encompassing and explored lots of different ranges of motion, which have different stored emotions in them. Everything from joy, to stored sadness which was then wrapped around back into joy somehow. There was an overall balance of all of those emotions.
     Doing something that is uncomfortable is really the only way to expand and, to grow. In your life outside of a movement class, within one is the same, you have to stretch and explore new patterns, which I loved.
     It was definitely one of those experiences that it grounds you, it makes you present, and through stepping outside of your comfort zone, it allows you to be more comfortable within your limits that you create for yourself. Those limits felt expanded after the class, too.
     Even if you’re considering it, all these thoughts and anxieties about it, that’s almost more reason to do it because they all resolve themselves and you just gotta dive in and explore something new.

David Stuart, Florida, 46
     I was fortunate enough to go to Jennelle’s class, which was very inspirational to me. I didn’t really know what to expect in the beginning, as anybody does when you come into something that you don’t know about, you kind of want to figure it out. The process that she went through on allowing us to ground ourselves, and really feel the earth, started the emotional journey that we got to go through. With that, we were really learning about ourselves when she was talking she was asking us to kind of look inward. We went through many moves to access the spirituality from below and inside, getting to the point that we were at affected us, and how to work through them. How to flow with our emotions and our movement on how to really get through the things that we really might not have ever known were there.
     When I went to the class I felt a lot of grounding. I didn’t realize some of the things that might have bothered me until she really allowed me to emotionally release them through, through her fluidness. I didn’t realize how emotionally attached I was to my childhood. She mentioned some things about letting the little child in you, that you never really knew. Maybe you had issues with not being received right. That really made me break down internally and realize that we’re all searching.
     With going to this class, I think as well as just, you know, being a man about it and realizing that you can cry, it’s really about letting things go and understanding that when you’re together with a group of caring, loving people and with someone that’s out to try to guide you, just feel what your heart has to say, go along with it, and you will be amazed on how relieved, and how good you feel after you’re done. It was wonderful and enlightening and I am very thankful for what Jennelle did.
     Never, ever, put boundaries on yourself. Just open the book and see what’s written on the page. Don’t limit yourself with “Oh I shouldn’t,” “Oh I couldn’t,” just open it up. The worst thing that could happen is what an hour goes by, and you got nothing out of it. But the thing that really could be amazing is an hour goes by, and it changes your life. That’s my suggestion, and I’m sticking to it.

Jesse Medina, Michigan, 21
     I was informed from the beginning what the workshop was about. The concepts that were going to be exposed to us.   It is not something I had participated in before. Using body movement to get in touch with emotions, thoughts, tragedies, traumas, demons, cravings, and whatever it is that we hold inside that we’re not necessarily in touch with. I went with a conscious effort to use the time to let loose, to feel those things that are deep rooted within me. It was an emotional rollercoaster for me personally. So much emotion poured out of me that tears came out of my eyes actually, which I wasn’t anticipating. I’m super happy that I participated in it because it was, for me, a way to remind myself who I am, what I’ve gone through, what I need to do to be who I want to be, and where I am in this moment right now. Just thinking about it is already getting me kind of emotional, so it was great. I left with a willingness, a desire, and a renewed inspiration to speak my truths, to follow what it is that I’m passionate about, feel my passions, pursue my dreams, express my emotions , not for a second repress them. Yeah I am going to carry that with me, I’m ready. It’s awesome.
     Especially people who hear about Empower Motion and say, “What? No. Why would I do..” DO IT. Let loose. Be in touch with yourself. Also doing it in a room full of people where it is so comfortable for you to do so because that is special.

Nicholas Perry, Florida, 23
     The workshop was very interesting, I’ve never experienced anything like it. I like that it combined movement with memories. Throughout the class I was recollecting on things that had happened throughout my life, the good and the bad, and combining that with movement. Whether it be forceful movement, or slow movement. I loved it.
     At the end I remember laying down and I could take a nap I just felt so calm and at peace. I definitely recommend it, you make of it what you want to make of it. It’s basically combining your emotions and your memories with releasing it through body movement, and I think it was really special. I definitely recommend trying it out.
     I felt this strength in me. I liked that it was in a space where it was safe and everyone was doing the same thing you’re doing so I didn’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed or “Who’s watching me” kind of thing.
     During the class certain things from the past would come up. Relationships, fights, not getting along with people, and also good relationships that I’ve had.

Alison Luby, Toronto, 38
     I definitely experienced a release of sadness. It felt really touching and really emotional for me. It just reminded me of feelings of being powerless, trying to censor myself, not really being my authentic person. That release after moving through it, from holding on to that tension and holding on to those feelings was, just amazing.
     I definitely felt really empowered during Empower Motion. I felt vulnerable too, to be fair. But after getting through that vulnerability I realized that I was more powerful than I thought I was. I could sit with the emotions and not let them kind of take me over, but actually experience them and go through them. I thought that was a really empowering kind of situation.
     It’s always a vulnerable position to put yourself in to be emotional and vulnerable in front of other people. In this workshop I think everybody is in their own experience. Even though you’re together and you’re doing it together, you’re feeling kind of a solitude in it. I found at least most people, your eyes are closed and you’re really experiencing it so people aren’t paying attention to you and your experience, they are feeling their own. Even though it was vulnerable to cry, and I cried, I still felt safe in it. Jennelle made me feel really safe. Everybody else was into it to. We were all kind of experiencing the same thing. When you’re experiencing the same thing with a big group of people, it’s a lot less intimidating. I’d say go for it.

Victoria Mahdion, 25, San Diego
     I’ve been dancing for the majority of my life. Im trained in over 20 dance styles. I have done improvisation before, even guided improvisation classes before. This was something that was very different because we were being really empowered through the class as well. Given positive affirmations and for me I felt, since I practice a lot of positive affirmations outside of class, it was something that I was able to reaffirm and put to movement through the class.
     Jennelle did a great job guiding us through. She’s very powerful and that energy transformed me into feeling very healed and very empowered through the dancing. It is something that I’ve never experienced before. I felt like I released a lot, and I feel great.
     I think that this is something really important for dancers coming from a dance studio background. Having trained competitive dancers in traditional styles like ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, lyrical, and so on. I feel like this is a really important practice to share with dancers so that they are really able to enjoy dance for themselves rather than just competing at dance competitions feeling like they need to please an audience. It’s a way that they just get to share it, and that emotion within themselves and really enjoy the powerful benefits of dance and self expression in a safe environment.

Gail Blauer, Philadelphia, 58
     My husband died a few months ago and I’ve been in complete grief, and actually in the Empower Motion workshop I felt a lot of grief but a lot of joy as we moved. I began to feel freer and freer as Jennelle talked us through the different colors, and the different elements of water, wind, and light. It was great actually.
     I think it was really helpful for me but, sometimes we are powerless against certain things. I could not stop my husband from dying and I had to accept that. In my movement that one of the things that I focused on. I was powerless in that moment, the only thing I could do was usher him through to a beautiful death, which I think I did. Its something that I’m sort of replaying over and over and this workshop really helped me with that.
     It felt really amazing in the workshop to let that emotion flow through me and not be so stuck as I was dancing and swaying and moving. I’m not confident in the way that I move at all, but just the feelings took over and being able to just let it go, helped me move my body.
     It was amazing I would recommend it to anybody, especially someone like me who’s stiff and corporate and uptight. I am a consultant, I am a partner at a consulting firm. It was just so freeing to be able to just move. During the class I thought, “Wow, this would be great for people in my line of work.”
     There were people the class that were amazing that were dancing in an out of us and they were sharing their energy, it was really great.

Daniel Eisenman, Georgia, 30
     Jennelle, you’re on to something big. Whoever gets to experience her workshop is on to something big. Jennelle’s got something almost, beyond, I think that I’m going to be able to describe in words. If you feel like you have any energy in motion, that wants to be in motion, that’s stuck, and you want it to start bubbling up slowly to prevent any type of volcanic activity in the future, and you want to do it in a fun and easy physical way that is good fitness actually, and that is liberating, then hit up Jennelle. Any of that blocked emotion, or stagnant emotion, that’s not in motion, Jennelle will get that energy going, she’ll get that energy flowing. You’ll start glowing with the flow, growing with the flow.
     I’m really looking forward to the next workshop. I feel like these workshops have helped me in a way, tap into some kind of infinite intelligence and divine wisdom, like with the energy centers in the body, like the chakra system that some people will call them, without studying them, without having to read about them I almost just got to experience it. I definitely want to thank Jennelle for catalyzing some of that wisdom, so it could be brought out of me.
If you have an opportunity to go attend one of her workshops, go and do it. They’re awesome, they’re empowering, and they’ll get that energy in motion. One of the best words I could use to describe it would be, “liberating” in this moment. But it seems to change from workshop to workshop. Another time that I participated it was “grounding”. It’s interesting, I like how she can play with that through movement.

Theresa Helke, Switzerland, 25
     It’s hard to express in words what I felt during the class and I think that’s the whole idea underpinning the class. That sometimes you have emotions, which you cannot articulate. By expressing them through movement, rather than words, you are able to engage with them and process them in a way which for example, sessions with a psychoanalyst would not achieve. I felt hugely empowered, during and after the class, because not only were we feeling emotions, but also learning how to transform them into feelings of power. Because of that transformational effect of movement, and Jennelle’s ability to guide you through your emotions, I wholeheartedly recommend her workshops.
     What I’m going to take from this class is not only a lighter heart from having released emotions and developed an ability to stand strong in the face of adversity, but also knowledge of how to practice empowerment through motion in my day to day life. As much as I’d like Jennelle to lead me through a session on a daily basis, she will be traveling. I am enough to lead myself and empower myself.

Marco Ranzi, New Jersey, 25
     I definitely had certain emotions come up, some of them were as immediate as yesterday, and some were as far away as decades ago, so I thought that was really interesting that it was really broad with all of the different emotions that I was feeling during the class that kind of came out. A lot of the times, I think just as humans, whenever we do have negative emotions, we try and suppress them.  Jennelle created the space and made it very inviting to feel that it’s ok to feel the emotions. It went back and forth from a negative to a positive, that seesaw back and forth so there was the balance between the two. Emotion in general was always just appreciated and welcomed, it wasn’t pushed away or suppressed. I don’t think it was just myself, I think Everybody in the room was experiencing that kind of had the feelings of just letting things come to them and not trying to push anything away. Just letting it be natural.
     I felt a lot of forces and different elements that come into play. It’s definitely enlightening to a degree. I’m not much of a dancer, like I dance a little bit, but it’s usually like the same move. There was something about it, thinking about light coming from certain points in my body, or elements, it was just moving in ways that I’ve never moved before in my life so, it was definitely empowering in that way. I always look at people and the way that they move and it’s so graceful and so fluid and sometimes I’m like, “Oh I wish I could do that.” Then I was looking at myself during it and I thought, “Oh I was kind of moving that way myself!”
I explored a lot about myself, which was something I didn’t really anticipate before coming to the class to tell you the truth. I heard amazing things from other people, everybody’s like, “You gotta go” and, “It was incredible” and, “Life Changing.” Even then, even though my expectations were pretty high, it just raised the bar.
I think I would recommend this workshop to anybody that is going through hardship or anyone that feels like everything is going great in their life. I think either way it is a positive experience, it brightens up your day, and it helps you deal with things that maybe you haven’t thought about in a while in a very inviting and open atmosphere.

Kyle Numen, Connecticut, 25
     When I first started the class I has no expectations, which is always a plus. Going into it I thought it was going to be more dance, or structured dance. I soon realized that it was really all about movement. It was incredible, just the feeling that I got from the workshop. I got to move so fluently, Jennelle was the guide. When you got really in tune with your body and the movement in such ways, it was just magical. Especially with the music that Jennelle played.
     Jennelle asked the right questions where it brought me back to my childhood memories of feeling disempowered, and feeling like I wasn’t entitled to the power that we are all entitled to, the infinite power within. Jennelle definitely brought up some emotions in me, I almost cried at one moment. I don’t like to admit that. I cant remember exactly what I was thinking that almost made me cry, but it was just times when you just don’t feel like you have the power in life. Whether someone’s making fun of you, and you conform to that ideology thinking “Oh im not good enough,” “I’m too big,” “I could never look like that.” Things like that. The workshop definitely brought up those emotions.
     Jennelle’s guided voice, the music, having those thoughts within. Kind of like that tripod effect. After the class I felt like I could run 20 miles, and I’m not much of a runner. Also bike 100 miles. I felt like I could tackle any goal that I had in my mind.
     The best thing you can do is try something. You have to try it. anything new is going to be scary to most, but if you’re afraid of doing things in front of people, a private session could probably be a little bit better for you. If you want to group energy, definitely do it within a group as well.

Richard Fantinato, Vancouver Island, 23
     I felt very free. It was really nice to express myself in a way that I never have before. It was a very amazing experience for me. I was using muscles that I definitely had never used before. Halfway through I was definitely getting sore. It was nice to use new muscles in different ways. I normally do running and weight lifting. I didn’t know what to expect and it was a good experience for me.
     Just go for it. I was super hesitant as well because dancing is definitely not my thing, but it was well guided and allowed me to do motions without taking big steps. Very simple, very guided, very easy for someone who doesn’t dance.

Hyatt Smith, Dallas, 20
     Through all the expression and just freely moving my body, a lot of emotions were arising. Emotions from my teenage years, like me feeling like I wasn’t good enough. Then I was able to let a lot of that out, and just kind of let it go.
     It was amazing. I’ve never really been able to dance very well but through this it was just like, going through the music, expressing myself freely, I was able to move. I just felt like a wave, I was able to move so freely and it was really nice.
     Especially after experiencing it once, I would love to do this again, maybe even try stuff at home because it helped me out. It was the night of my performance, and it gave me a lot of confidence. I was able to let stuff out and I felt so clear and calm.
     Its going to let out a lot of stuff. I know people can be a little afraid to go deep into that. It can be a little scary to dive into those emotions and bring them to the surface, but through this it’s really easy to just let it all out, and let it flow, and let go. You feel so much better afterwards. You feel free.
     I feel like nothing I’ve ever done has compared to this.

Paula Galan, Columbia, 24
     Yesterday I looked at myself in the mirror and started crying out of joy, it was the weirdest thing ever. All I could do was cry, hug myself and say thank you....for about an hour no kidding. I realized I've never been able to be myself because I'm always hiding behind anger, depression or some sort of disease. Not that having negative emotions is bad and should be avoided at all costs, but I've always dreamed of feeling free, hugging someone if I want to, dancing without rules, stop living throughout other people's pictures on social media, talking to cute guys without feeling like I'm wasting their time, singing without worrying that I might be doing it wrong...
     When I looked at myself I was like I'm freaking awesome. I've been through a lot, and life is not getting easier (my mom has cancer and I also have to be an adult now and deal with new responsibilities), but as long as I keep reminding myself that I can do things, even if they're not perfect or if I completely screw it. You only interact with people for so long during the day, but you have to live with yourself all the time. I know I have to do things on my own, but having those interactions helps me understand how everyone is on their own journey, struggling and moving forward.
     You're an amazing beautiful person, I'm so glad I got to meet you. Keep moving forward and expressing yourself.

Tori Cummins, Long Island, 14
     I was really nervous at the beginning to like, let go of my emotions and stuff, because a friend told me that you really have to go deep in yourself. At the beginning I was like, “Oh I don’t really know how to do this,” and then I just kind of went with it. I let go of a lot of emotions. Moving through thr journey was such a great experience. After I felt really positive and I let go of a lot of emotions that I was holding inside. It was awesome.
     I was nervous because I didn’t want people to think of me weirdly. As the class went on, I didn’t really care anymore what people thought. It flowed, and I felt really happy with myself.
     Even if you’re the shyest person ever, you’ll let go of so many fears. It was awesome and everyone should do it.

Helen Rudnicki, Ottawa, 20
     It was really beautiful, it was just a very safe space to be able to kind of let loose and just be free. It was really just beautiful, that’s the word that comes to mind. You could have your eyes closed, or open them, move as free as you could. There was no pressure, no assumptions, just a very freeing and open space.
I almost cried at one point, I don’t even remember when it was. As you were guiding us through it all of these emotions were coming through and maybe things that I have been suppressing, being able to move them in an open space. I felt as I needed to be moving, and it all just kind of bubbled to the surface and came out.
I left and I was just beaming, I was telling everyone, “You have to go to this workshop, it was so much fun.” I enjoyed every minute of it. When you’re in a space that doesn’t confine you and just lets you be as you are, no matter how you are, is beautiful. I’ve been recommending it, it was awesome.

Keith, Connecticut, 22
     I think the most profound thing for me, after really getting into it and moving up the body, I became aware that the way I was dancing, well, it wasn’t dancing… but I want it to feel like that because I had never felt like I was moving that free before. It felt like I wasn’t even driving myself. You had just a little bit of guidelines about what to do that as a foundation, allowed me to move in a way that made me feel energy. I can say it I guess, because that’s totally what’s going to happen to you, if you take this workshop. Invest your heart and soul into it, you will love it.
I’m serious, that is one of the best things that I felt in a long time. Don’t be afraid to try this. I loved it.

Nathan Ribble, New Jersey, 22
     I heard a slight description about what this workshop was, and how I felt towards it was, “Oh wow this is very interesting how you empower yourself, and people getting empowered by moving energy.” The moving energy aspect of it all was very interesting for me. Finding that source or that core level, or even just a base line of putting it into the physical, and then releasing it… I’ve been looking for something like this. I’ve found bits of things here and there, but this is another place. It was just amazing.
I felt empowered, and I felt like you said at the very end, you can do this every day or you can do this when you need it, to move that energy.
I would have everyone not knock it until you try it.

Andrew Perlot, Austin, 30
     I really enjoyed taking the workshop and I enjoyed moving through some motions that are not normally in my movement practice. I do a lot of acrobatics and I tend to get stiff in places. Some of the hip motions that Jennelle was suggesting felt really good, and stretching the side of my body, all felt really fantastic.
It was a really fun thing to do and this is coming from a guy who doesn’t really dance at all, so I would highly recommend Jennelle’s workshop.
What I was thinking in this workshop was, “Actually, you know what, maybe I should do more dancing, because this is actually pretty great.

Alicia Laija, Florida, 24
     I felt so fiery, I was really sweaty at the end of the class. I really engaged all of my muscles. My cells were very happy to release everything and feel everything. I don’t think I had ever done a movement class, and it was something out of the ordinary for me. I felt very grounded. I felt almost animalistic I think. I feel parents should do this.

Maressa Smith, Texas, 21
     I felt alive and I felt like I could be free. I was very insecure when I was young because just everybody would look down on me. Feeling like doing all of this dancing and moving, just letting go was very amazing I felt connected and very spiritual. You feel emotional and all the physical, mentally challenging and it was just very great and I'm very thankful that I learned this today. I would advise everybody to do it because I know at least somebody or maybe everybody has been insecure and I wipe and they need this to make them feel like more alive and be who you want to be

Aidan Cantere, Hawai’i, 23
     I learned a lot from this class. Just letting go a lot of judgmental, stress, any kind of emotion that comes up. You just let it out through the dance and whatever you're feeling. Whatever you are going through throughout your day, just let it go and release it and come back to yourself. Very empowering I felt a lot.  You can feel peoples emotions in the dance and you kind of just vibe off it. Whatever you're going through you just let it all go, be present.

Jess Timsit, Los Angeles, 30
     It was just such a great release kind of getting out of your head and into your body. Jennelle really guided us through working through some stuff whether it was self-consciousness or pain we felt about ourselves or our bodies, connecting to people, family problems.  I went through a slew of issues that I've been working through in my life and tried to get rid of those feelings through every inch of me and not planning it and seeing what was going to happen and to my surprise I was able to really let go and divulge.  I just felt so connected with everyone around me .  I wasn't embarrassed.  Jennelle really created a really comfortable environment to just let it out.

Bunny, NYC, 24
     At first I felt very unsure of my body and I didn't know how to express myself through movement, but as I got more comfortable and I saw other people, and through Jennelle's direction, I was able to move more openly with myself.  I think the more raw emotions came up a lot, so anger, frustration, moments of abandonment.  Those were the most powerful to me and actually the best part was when we freed that.  We were releasing all of the negativity that we felt and that was the most freeing and most beautiful and the most transformative part of the whole experience.  I felt beautiful, truly beautiful.  I didn't know that my body could move that way.  It's a dance I've never experienced before and I've never done anything like that before.  It was a great space for me to allow myself to express myself that way.  I think the people who are unsure, they should come the most, because at the end of the class, you will be happy that you did it.

Rindadad, Lebanon, 18
     During the class I felt a lot of emotions come up because it was kind of another form of meditation for me.  I'm not usually one to sit with my thoughts or think a lot about what I'm thinking.  I don't talk with my thoughts.  The class gave me a way to do that and be comfortable within doing that.  Not being to be scared thinking stuff, just doing it and letting go.  It was nice I felt like it was a kind of meditation that I've never done before.  In the beginning it felt kind of awkward to just let go and front of people you never met before.  After you got more comfortable it was nice to be able to express through your body. 
     I definitely felt more empowered to channel all of those feelings and when I left I just felt a feeling you feel after meditating, but it was more moving instead of just sitting in a place.  It felt nice.  It's like when you stop meditating and you feel everything around you, and you don't feel like your brain is foggy anymore.  If somebody is hesitant to come I'd just tell them to do it because they got nothing to lose other than time.  It's probably going to be there thing, but if it's not their thing, just give it a try.  You might feel really good after it, which is what most people have felt after the class.

Cynthia, Georgia, 38
     It was very interesting watching other people.  It was intriguing and I wish that I can maybe get into that free spirit of mine, but I tried, and it may be in time that that would be something that I could do.  It was very interesting watching other people just carefree move their body and not worry about anything.  It's something I may practice at home.   People should definitely try it.  That's what you're here.  You're here to explore yourself and be comfortable with yourself and enjoy the people around you.  It was a very good time I loved the class and I think everybody should try it.  

Sonya, NYC, 27
     I love to dance so it was not a problem for me to actually get to Jennelle's class, but the experience was very different from anything I've ever experienced before.  The way I would put it is we worked on each energy center, or as most people know chakras, and I've been working on that for a few months before I came to her class, but the more work you do the better things can get.  Think about how we're holding ourselves back, and that's been something I've been contemplating for the last year, and I almost cried because I know that it's only myself that's holding myself back because I'm listening more to my mind then my heart and that came up in class.  It's a revelation that I will work on.  I really enjoyed it. 
     I definitely felt empowered, I've dance in a way that I've never expressed myself before, and that felt really great. Most people in the dance they are worried about what others think of them, but at some points I was just closing my eyes and moving in a way that was not controlled by my mind, but more by my soul.
     I felt my body and my soul were extremely connected.  I feel very empowered.  Give it a try.  You have no idea how it can change your perspective on your own life, within just that hour.  Just give it a try, maybe there's something you're seeking that you're not getting in your current life, and you might get that revelation during this class, so give it a shot.

Jason Rupp, NYC, 39
     I liked how our teacher gave us many situations in the elements.  I had my eyes open and closed sometimes.  Focus your mind that you're in that.  I was moving around, flowing through the elements, and I'm not a dancer so that was really fun and liberating to be able to do. 
     It wasn't actually emotional for me, but I enjoyed all the movement and being in that moment of what was described to me.  It was kind of liberating to move in that way, because normally I wouldn't be moving that way, because I don't have any dance skills. 
     I felt empowered in the class by all the movements because it was just really fun.  It got a lot of energy out, and I found energy that I didn't know was even there to do all of this.  I'm really thankful for the experience.
     Nobody should be hesitant to go to this class.  Go in with an open mind and it will be a great experience.  Free your mind to just be open, you might be surprised on what the outcome is.

John Slater, Illinois, 22
     The class has a lot of potential to bring up a variety of powerful emotions for people.  For myself, just passed experience of my life, my childhood, things I went through in the past few months, or days even big and small.  Jennelle's guidance through the class helps prompt you to bring up these things and help deal with them through movement.  I benefited from it.  I still have a lot of work to go.  I could benefit from making it a regular practice, it's not a one time thing that is going to solve issues, but it allowed me to explore these feelings a little more that wouldn't have come up otherwise.  
     At the beginning of the class I was kind of getting used to it and feeling those emotions, but as a class moved on I gradually felt more empowered and maybe that's how she structures it, she wants you to feel.  Empowerment was a big part of what I felt in the class.  
     For somebody who's unsure whether this class can benefit them, I can say I was in the same boat.  I don't normally do these things.  I normally attend classes or activities that are more focused on athletics or not dealing with emotions much, but I would encourage you to go and just let your guards down, relax, feel free to be yourself, and see where it takes you.  Jennelle provides a comforting environment and you're free to be yourself, no rules, no strict anything, just be yourself.

Katherine, England, 20
     During the class I felt a release of emotions that I perhaps have kept bottled up in the past.  I had the realization that I have the power to change things in my life and I can express myself in any way that I want.  It's just you have to get past those blocks, this class helped me to progress through that.
One of the movements that we did that I felt I was able to kind of help to release was when I was moving to release that block for choosing my passion and expressing that in my daily life, as well as helping to find my own voice.  I felt I was able to do that, especially with voice movement to help that area to release, that normally wouldn't be able to do that.
As a society I feel that sometimes you have to keep that behind and not show people, and for that one opportunity to do that it was really cathartic, it was really good. 
I definitely felt empowered during that class because everyone was doing the same thing, you were able to be yourself and express yourself individually and I feel that in my daily life I think I'll be able to move more expressively and try and be myself more as well. 
This kind of class can feel kind of intimidating if you just look at it at face value because you're being really expressive and open whereas usually in your life you may not be like that.  So if you do feel a bit hesitant to come, I would encourage you to come and try it because everyone's in the same boat.  They're trying to release their own blocks and you kind of get into your own zone and you ignore everyone else because you're so focused on trying to release through your own individual feelings. If you're not thinking, "Oh my gosh, I definitely don't want to do this, it's too embarrassing," everyone's in the same boat.  Just try it once, you don't have to go again, but I definitely recommend it.

Devan Wickland, Arizona, 21
     During the movements I definitely tried to use Jennelle's imagery while I was dancing and that really helped me connect with certain thoughts and things that I hold onto while I was dancing to help release them.  I liked using the different body parts, because I know when I do ecstatic dance, I like to focus on moving with different parts of my body to reach different parts of expression that I don't normally tap into.  It was cool getting to have someone facilitate that.  I think that this is something that I want to add into a daily practice .  For me, I feel like I hold back a lot, and dance is a way for me to help release and express more and hold back less, but I do think it takes time to really tap into some deep emotions through movement expression, at least for me.  I definitely would love this in my life because while I was ecstatic dancing today, I brought in some of those practices that I learned  in Jennelle's class and literally had one of the best ecstatic dances of my life today, and I do have Jennelle to thank for that because it just brought another whole level to the dance.
I was ecstatic dancing on my own I definitely focused on the throat because I felt that one a lot, the back because I felt that one a lot, and finding certain centers that I resonate with, and then just feeling them throughout the dance.  I didn't necessarily move through them like we did in the facilitated class, but I think that's the beauty of it is you can take the class take it a few times so you can learn and use the imagery to then bring it into your own practice and turn it into your own therapy.
I would say to anyone who wanted to try this class that if you're interested in movement and expression, definitely go to Jennelle's workshop because if you are timid in open expression she gives you imagery to think of in your head while you're moving and it definitely helps if you are not sure where to start.  It gives you a starting point, and then you can move off of that.

     I always love looking around and picking up different moves that I like from other people, not because I think they look cool, but because they feel good. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone.  
     It brings another whole level to ecstatic dance, body expression, body movement.  I loved it.  

Serghei Logvin, Toronto, 23
     I think the main thing that I felt was extremely positive energy and translating different energies through going through the chakras with different colors, it really helped me to visualize the energies flowing through my chest, through my different areas. It really helped bring up the different feelings that I may have suppressed earlier and really process them in the more gentle way in a very good environment. It was almost like a guided Meditation with movement, where parts of my body were warmed up enough for energy to flow freely. It was a great experience overall I really enjoyed it.
I felt empowered to really feel certain feelings that I may not have felt with at the time and I put aside. I pulled a little bit deeper down because of the methods that were used, and the very pleasant music, the great guided approach. I was able to bring feelings back up and deal with them very gently. 
     It doesn't have to be that you have a traumatic life, or a great life, or whatever it is. In our society we have very interesting ways with dealing with feelings and sometimes it really helps to be very honest in a safe environment. Trust somebody who will bring it out from you to deal with it in a proper manner. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.  It doesn't have to be anything that you take too seriously… what I'm trying to say is, too seriously in terms of you'll be traumatized dealing with whatever, it can be pleasant feelings, it can be not so pleasant feelings, it doesn't have to be anything. You don't have to have an expectation with it, that's how I felt about it. I didn't break down crying, but it definitely made me think about some past experiences in a different way.

Alysia, Montreal, 21
     I really liked the movement because we are releasing it, I really like that aspect. I found new dance moves for ecstatic dance which I really like. I especially liked the emotional aspect. I like the way you put movement and emotions together in a way. I felt a weight lifted through the emotions because you're really feeling yourself.  You will feel good when you come to this class. You'll be using your emotions and movement and expression together, and I think it's fantastic. I was telling all my friends when I was done. Don't be scared. It’s all about letting go. In case you're worried that someone's going to judge you, no one's going to judge you. It's going to be amazing, and I think you should go.

Janna Breeze, Australia, 29
     I really felt the difference between the tension, and then the release. It was really good for me, getting all the emotion stirred up and letting it go is just beautiful.  I'm a really emotional person, so a lot of the stuff comes up for me anyway, but it was still really good to dig through some of that stuff and get it all to the surface, and get all tense and be totally OK, and in a safe space to just let it all go.  I definitely like the fact that you went through all the chakras and I can definitely take it home and do it in my own space. It's really empowering to have something that you can take with you and use in your own private space. I recommend that people come and see you and talk to you about what they can do to help them get through the session. It's worth going and realizing that you're in a safe space and you can be allowed to feel whatever it is that you need to feel.  If there's anything that you're not sure about, Jennelle, you are beautiful and very approachable.  People can know that they can come and see you.

Celine, Shanghai, 22
     I just feel very released after doing all of this.  It's like taking my pressure out.  The movements were so amazing.  It empowered me a lot and inspired me.  It's kind of like a Meditation of movement, so you know yourself deeply, and are thinking about your past, and how are you are now.  You just think more of yourself, it feels really good.  I feel like I released a lot and I expressed my feelings a lot.  I feel really good after doing all of this and I really recommend everyone to come and do it.  It's really great.  I think it's an amazing experience for everyone so please come!

Rachelle Hunter, Santa Cruz, 23
     I felt a lot of things that I haven't felt since my childhood, so feeling those again was a little scary at first but it felt really freeing to actually be able to feel those things that I didn't realize I was suppressing for so long.  I felt so open afterwards and so able to express myself in a whole new way, so I really enjoyed that.  I felt strength and empowered.  I feel like I left a whole lot of fear behind after this class, it's really cool.  I would really encourage people to just go for it.  There's nothing wrong that can really happen, and it's all your own experience.  Everyone's feeling different things, moving different ways, and we all move in our own individual way, so it's all unique.  I would definitely encourage anyone to do it.

Julia, Ontario Canada, 17
     I felt a lot of things come up, personally. I feel like just having the invitation to let them come up let a lot of things that have been lying under the surface reappear, so it was nice to be able to throw that into dance and to make it a passionate and very physical way of releasing that negativity.  It felt nice to have the invitation to use dance that way because I have been a competitive dancer, and it's very about technique all the time and it's not necessarily about how you feel, so it's nice to be able to express yourself purely on how you feel and how you feel the movement within you, not by what you think other people are going to think of it.  Sometimes it can be strange to go outside the box on something like that and really allow yourself to feel and move through it, because sometimes society doesn't want us to do that.  It definitely makes you feel empowered to just let yourself be free to express what you feel.
A lot of things in life are outside of our comfort zone and if you always live within it, it's never going to change you and you're never going to expand .  A lot of things are also outside of my comfort zone, but the only way you grow as a person is to try new things and to really experience new things.  The worst thing that can happen is you don't like it, but I don't think that's the case because it's wonderful to just be given permission to express how you feel in a very safe environment, with a lot of people who just want to do the same thing, so just go for it.

Tiffany Gougeon, Massachuetts, 26
     Coming to Jennelle's workshop I didn't really know what to expect.  I was a little bit nervous, I have a little bit of a history with dance.  I knew it had to do with expressing emotions, so I was really excited to do that.  As soon as the workshop started, I immediately felt Jennelle's warmth, love, and compassion for dance and doing what she loves, and that made everyone I think feel really welcomed.  As we were going through everything, I had a lot of really profound moments, and a lot of really powerful moments.  I feel like I was able to work through a lot of things, and I'm just really grateful that I went.  At the end of it, I felt more comfortable in my body and it helped me feel.  We don't have control over a lot of things, but what we do have control over is our body and how we release these emotions, and I think it was a really beautiful workshop.  I would urge anyone to go, if you're considering going, if you're not so sure about it, it's for everyone. 
     Jennelle's an awesome teacher, I felt really empowered towards the end of it.  I felt like I could do anything.  This is my body, and there's nothing to be ashamed about it.  Being able to move my body in ways that I didn't really know how to move felt really good.  If you're not sure about going, if you're 1 foot in 1 foot out, I would 100% suggest going.  I think it's a really powerful workshop, and I think it can help anybody, no matter where you're at.  If you don't know anything about movement, go give it a try and I really think you'll love it.  It will be very healing for you, and you'll feel very empowered.  I've done Kundalini yoga and this felt a lot more free-flowing than anything that I have done before.  It had a little bit of structure, but there was a lot of freedom with it, and I think that was really beautiful, there's no right or wrong way.  Jennelle gave you the template, and everybody was just able to move how they wanted and that was beautiful.  The more freedom you have in the way that you move your body, the easier it is.  I love that there was so much freedom in the class.

Luz Healing, New Jersey
     I wanted to talk about your workshop, Jennelle.  It was so empowering, and you could feel the emotion pouring out of everyone else.  Personally, I didn't have much coming out, but I knew what to address and I moved with the emotion.  It was interesting to use my body to express it, rather than words, meditation, or energy.  Most times we try to be present within our body, but that was a case of just allowing our body to move itself, with the mind and spirit.  It was awesome and I recommend everyone to be open to it and to go in there mindful, and not mindFULL.  You'll benefit with all the amazing healing properties that it contains.  If you're in that room, I don't care who you are, you will hug everyone at the end.

Laura, Pennsylvania, 18
     When the workshop started I was just ready for a normal 'follow the teacher,' but when it started we were doing all of these weird moves, and really getting in to the groove of it.  During the workshop I started getting all these emotions, and it was something I've never felt before, like balancing the chakras within you.  I've done meditation like that before, but it wasn't anything like that.  I can't even explain it, it was just amazing.  I felt so good afterwards.  I was so happy, that's just really all I can say is that it was great.  I didn't feel like I was going to get judged if I did something 'odd.' I felt like it really just made you feel at home with yourself, which I just really loved.  You've got to step out of your comfort zone to find out what you really like to do.  I've stepped out of my comfort zone and it's just great.  You feel changed.  If you want to feel like that, you're going to have to do something that's hard, but it's always so rewarding in the end.

Anastasia Voss, Connecticut, 27
     I think it's hard for people to take time for self-care and self-love, so I meditate back home, but I love dancing and movement so it was a really nice combination.  Jennelle, you did a great job of combining that and leading us through it and through the chakra system in the visualization. I've done some similar stuff, but there is something really nice about it while you're taking the time to take care of yourself.  Jennelle, you made a very safe space because you demonstrate, and you weren't shy.  Your body is your temple and it's a great practice for self-love.  Any form of self-love, self care, and expression.  Why are you on this earth if to not express yourself?  Jennelle just leads the class really well.  You do what's true for you.  Nobody's there judging you, nobody's there watching you, everybody's only concerned about what's going on within themselves.  It's a really golden opportunity for you to work on yourself, to have some fun, share some space with people, and I would just say go for it.  Even if you just stand there the whole workshop, at least you took the time for yourself and you never know what's going to come out of it.

Anastasia, Russia, 25
     I felt plenty of emotions.  I felt the whole earth was around me, and that I'm just dancing in it.  Trying to be water, fire, every part of the nature.  I felt like a part of the nature, and all my emotions were taking me away.  I never felt so emotional in my life.  After the class I cried, I felt like I released some of my suffering, some of my thoughts that I've been thinking.  It's really really great, thank you Jenelle for your movement workshop and for hugging me afterwards. The whole day after this class I felt so in balance, and I love my life.  Thank you so much.  Don't be scared, go to find yourself.  You're going to find your balance, I hope so.

Ronald, Maryland, 32
     I'm going to be real.  When I try something for the first time, I try to immerse myself completely.  I got in, and I'm not as skilled as Jennelle with all the moves that she was doing, but I was doing what I can do.  Slowly but surely I started to loosen up and loosen up and you took us step-by-step, chakra by chakra, and by the end I'm not gonna lie, I felt amazing.  I told Yovana (partner) like we've been going everywhere and we needed that class.  It was like God always provides us what we need at the moment, and we really needed that class just to let go, loosen up, and release the tension.  During the last part it was like Jesus Christ was coming towards me.  I know anybody can see something different, for me it was complete bliss at that moment.  It was incredible, I felt amazing.  At the beginning I see all these moves I'm not used to, I'm a salsa dancer so this isn't normal for me but I understood it.  You understand it and you understand that your body is meant to move.  You understand that there are certain movements that you can do that you start releasing tension from the bottom up.  Once you do it, you'll understand it.  Try it out.  I was the only guy at that workshop I was like MAN there should be more guys doing this!

Andrea Gilardi, Peru, 22
     I haven't been in a class like this before, it was a new experience for me seeing everybody being so comfortable with their body and how they move.  They were so free, so free to be able to move the way that they wanted to without being judged was really amazing.  In my personal experience I have to say that I haven't gotten to that point yet, but it was amazing watching all of these people doing that.  That made me think everyone can be comfortable in their own skin.  It doesn't matter how you look, or how you think you look, it's about a space where you can just express yourself without being judged.  I think it's amazing because we live in a world that every move you make, it's being judged by people, every single thing.  I know a bunch of people would look at that workshop and say, "Oh those people are weird," and they're just expressing themselves.  We don't have that space often, I think it's really good to have it.
I have to be honest, it was my first workshop, and what I realized was that I was thinking too much.  There were too many thoughts going on in my head.  I wasn't able to feel and really express myself because I had too much thinking going on.  I think I'm going to get to the point where all that thinking goes away.  That's the point of it, just don't think.  I haven't been sad or having negative thoughts during this event (festival), only in that class.  That made me realize that it's there.  It's there, and it doesn't matter if I come to an event and be with awesome people, as soon as I have a moment, all of these emotions come back again, so it's there.  If it's there, I need to do something about it and if I just shut it down, then it's not going to become better or change.
If you feel that this is not for you, then you should really come.  If you feel like you're denying it, you should do it because when you're afraid of stuff or when you're afraid of something, it's because you should go there and see why.  Where is that fear coming from?

Kayley Gottschalk, South Africa, 18
     So I've never done anything like this before.  I thought it must be a dance class, but then people came back and they were like, "I was crying and I feel amazing" so I was like OK I want to go.  I felt really free and like I could express myself.  In this class, you will feel a power inside of you, and you just release it, I don't know how to describe it.  You feel powerful.  When you feel powerful, you can express yourself and whatever comes up.  I didn't know what was going to come up, and then stuff started coming up and I went with it I was just like OK. 
     So if you want to feel empowered, I would totally recommend it.  I felt really comfortable in this environment.  I felt like nobody had ever done this before.  When you see someone start becoming relaxed, you become relaxed, and everybody just becomes relaxed, and you can just express yourself more because everyone is just so relaxed and comfortable.  You can do whatever you want.  You can think you're moving weirdly, but nobody cares and that's really cool.  If you're shy, go, because I think it will empower you more.  Even shy people did it and they felt amazing.  It was fun.

Barb Cuttance, New Zealand, 60
     When you were guiding us to think about various things that had happened in our past, I did think about things.  I felt connected to some things that had happened in my life.  I didn't feel any kind of great shifts happening, and then I'm 60 and I've done years of therapy.  I acknowledge the feelings and watched what was happening in my body, the feelings I was feeling in different parts of my body, and connected in that way with what was happening.  I felt willing to actually go to where the feelings were and I found it affirming for myself to know where I am at the moment to go through that process.
I can imagine if somebody hadn't done any kind of personal growth work that it could be very powerful.  Question, "Would you say that it was very powerful for you also?" Answer, "Yeah, I would.  It was very affirming and powerful in that way."
After having gone through that class with you Jennelle, I felt really confident in you as a teacher and really saw you in a new light in terms of your power as well.  You felt very powerful as a teacher to me and I would highly recommend anybody wanting to delve into their emotions to go to that workshop.  It seems like a very gentle way to start and be there with your emotions.

Marla Wolfe, NYC, 26
     I felt a lot of emotions come up and things that I wasn't even expecting to be emotional about.  Things were passing through my mind and the way the course was designed it brought up painful things and then provided a really safe and comfortable way to release them and it felt really good to do that.  I felt like it was a really safe environment to just let it out and be who I felt like I needed to be in the moment.  It felt good to feel strong and powerful.  I tried all sorts of weird things, I'm not always so adventurous in how I am moving and dancing, but I think I was able to try out a lot of things that in other environments I might have thought were or weird or strange.
Just go.  It may seem intimidating, and it might seem so far beyond what you normally try, but when you get in there it provides such a strong way for you to just be who you feel you are, and let everything go.

Kate Fernandez, Massachusetts, 31
     I definitely brought up more emotion for me.  For me, it was always hard to share those emotions.  Being able to do that through dance and movement , I was able to bring that.  Not completely fully quite yet, but it was my first workshop.  I really did enjoy it .  It was a great learning experience, I loved it a lot.  The environment is just very carefree, everybody is accepting, no one's judging.? Everyone's doing their own thing and it was a wonderful learning experience.  I would definitely do it again and recommend it to anybody.  Just be open.  Open to explore, open to feel, open to new learning experiences, and just go with the flow.

Catherine, Toronto, 27
     It reminded me of things that I had gone through therapy in the past, and I was able to re-enter those phases of my life and notice how my body had already been cleansed and enjoy the freedom of that.  It's definitely something I haven't done before, each movement brought forth areas of tension in my body and I could feel I was able to stretch and release those muscles.  It is definitely something that I'll be keeping in my repertoire, something to come back to if I ever feel the need for release.  It can be used day-to-day, could be used once in a while, something to keep in your back pocket.  Be open, no one is judging you, no one cares if you're twisting and moving the wrong way, you're doing what's right for you.  It might seem out of your comfort zone, but if you just let go to the experience, it will be worth it for you.

Samuel Hoover Poppe, Illinois, 28
     Jennelle is a wonderful dancer and excellent teacher. In her classes you will use your body, exploring and expressing it in ways you never have before. You will walk out feeling rejuvenated, strong, and eager to attack your day. As someone who has struggled with diet and issues of self-confidence, she has a sensitive heart and ear, and can help you find faith in your own sense of self. You are perfect—and Jennelle can show you.

Joshua Tarnofsky, California, 33
     Jennelle is a master of movement and dance. A lost art in this industrialized period of living; Jenelle restores faith in the greatest technology of all, the human body. Learning to dance with Janelle means learning to express the greatest gift of all; LOVE. Jennelle’s course allowed me to feel my body for the first time since being a child. This child-like nature is the essential piece most human beings have neglected since entering their teenage years. Rediscovering the body’s ability to move and feel not only teaches you to express love for yourself and the world, but liberates you from emotional stress and blocks. I highly recommend experiencing this dance of life.

Sumair Bhasin, Texas
     Jennelle is a natural dancer and mover. She has a unique ability to help you e-mote through movement. What results is an immense amount of clarity, peace, and confidence . Not only that, but the inspiration to pursue movement with full vigor and enthusiasm. Her energy is magnetic and her passion is infused into everything she does. She helps you feel okay with feeling all your emotions from the root of where they originate. With this kinesthetic information, we can transmute it into something truly powerful for ourselves.

Donna, Connecticut, 54
     I walked in and I was really stiff, because I ran 10 miles today.  I saw someone who was going to your workshop and she said that it was all about moving your body with flow so I decided to go.  I walked in and I just stood there for a while, and then I saw you moving and I thought it was interesting.  I walked in and I was really stiff, and I walked out and I was very flexible and that's what I wanted.  At first I was apprehensive, that's why I stood and watched first because I wasn't sure, but after I saw you and the other people in the workshop participate, I just decided it's not that bad, it's got to help, and it did help.  I would say to someone who isn't sure, "You would like it, just try it, you're not gonna die from it.  It gets your body flowing and it wakes your body up.  It's really good.

Matt Nagra, Canada, 22
     Normally I'm not much of what you call a dancer, or anything like that, and generally I'm not super comfortable in those situations but it was really good to just get out there.  It's not really a dance class, you just kind of move however you feel and it's guided by Jennelle, so you kind of know what you're looking for and it was a really good experience with the guidance that you were giving along the way.  You're reaching into different areas, different colors, different elements, etc.  You definitely feel some stuff coming up.  I'm normally sort of shy in those types of situations but it was good to get out there and finally get to move.  I would definitely go back.  
If you're not sure, I would say that's why you should go.  It's really good to get out of your comfort zone and that's how you grow as a person and you learn new things.

Frank Jay Porcaro, New Jersey, 26
     My time spent with Jennelle has been absolutely wonderful. She brings a unique approach to fitness, healing, movement, and spirituality and she combines it all. She creates these classes that I’ve experienced where you open up the different chakras and you really allow yourself to heal, allow yourself to express and accept yourself through self expression.   It is very unique, very different, and she I believe is a pioneer to something that is going to change the world.
     If you ever have a chance to work with her or invest in her, I highly recommend it. She is a very caring and beautiful soul, and she’s knowledgeable and knows what she’s doing.

MaryLou, Quebec, 22
     I felt some emotions coming up.  I felt them coming, I live them again, and I felt them going away.  I thought I was in control of my emotions, I see them, I love them, and I can move however I want to express them.  The emotions come up sometimes, but I'm not there always conscious to acknowledge that they are there.  In this workshop I was really there, so I felt maybe not all went away, but a big part, or some parts.  I would tell people to go to your class or send them because it's really a safe space to feel loved, safe, welcoming to everything that can happen.  It feels really good after you feel your energy moving all of those parts inside of you.  It can really be helpful.

Cheyne Goulden, Melbourne, 35
     I was working through the different movements and things, working through all the different levels.  I had lots of different things come up each stage, fears, negative emotions, any kind of old things from the past.  A lot of those things were coming up and we're just being felt again, and being able to be released out.  It was great, I found it to be really fantastic experience, something that really help me a lot.  I felt like I opened up my heart, I felt really good afterward.  I just had this really peaceful feeling, it was awesome.  I really appreciated it.
I think when you avoid these feelings, that you don't want, that you have been avoiding and let sit in the background, but when you experience them when they come up you can release them it does certainly feel empowering.  It feels like you've overcome some things in the background.  It feels like you've had a beautiful experience and you feel so much better for doing it.  I think that you have to try all sorts of different things when you're trying to make changes, trying to improve your life, you can't just keep doing the same old things.  Going for a run, lifting weights, you got to experience the total opposite thing to what you're comfortable with because when you're uncomfortable is when you've got a chance to grow. 

     In this class I felt totally uncomfortable, but somehow this movement and moving around loosens up all these old things that are stuck in the body and it helps to bring them to the surface so they can be expressed communicated and then released.  That's the most important thing to do, is the thing that you're most uncomfortable with.  If you definitely feel like you have some blocks just do it. 
     Take the chance, get in the room, most of the time your eyes are closed anyway.  It's such a lovely space that you feel safe to just be expressing yourself and after the first five minutes you forget about the self-consciousness stuff and you become very comfortable doing it, so it's not that bad.

Phoenix Huber, Arizona, 22
     First of all, what I loved about the class was that we were invited to do certain body movements, and at the same time a lot of times being in the space, I ended up doing my own movements.  I would go in a different direction and really loved exploring moving my body in different ways that don't always happen if I'm just dancing to music without guidance.  We were encouraged to feel emotions, which in so many ways we block ourselves from doing that.  Doing that all together in a workshop was very powerful.  After the class I was actually feeling...well stuff came up.  So I went back to my room, I journaled, I sat with myself. If I hadn't gone to the workshop, it wouldn't have given me the opportunity to actually look at, and experience myself more fully.  It's so easy to just disconnect.
     A lot of times I work on my thoughts mentally, but it's so important to have the physical release.  That's what I'm missing a lot of the time, so after taking the class I'm inspired.  I want to do that more often. I want to do that every day, dance out my emotions, dance out my stress.
     I felt empowered because within the movements, it was like my own idea of how to move.  One of the things that came up was wanting to find love.  In that class as a group we were all dancing by ourselves, getting in touch with our own bodies and our own selves.  How can you create loving friendships and relationships with other people if you're not already loving yourself, your own body, your own spirit, in touch with that.  I'm loving myself and exploring, remembering that I am whole and complete as I am.